Year-end donations round, 2023 edition

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As in previous years, I’ve made a small round of personal donations now that the year-end is approaching. This year I’ve changed my strategy a bit, donating a bit more and prioritizing software projects. My motivation to publish the list is to encourage others to donate and to give ideas for those looking for possible recipients.

This year, the list of projects and organizations is:

  • Signal, because I use it daily.

  • Notepad++ because my wife uses it daily for both work and personal tasks.

  • WinSCP for similar reasons.

  • Transmission, the BitTorrent client, because I also use it from time to time and it’s really nice.

  • Gnome because it’s my desktop environment these days.

  • LibreOffice because I also use it a lot and I think it’s an important piece of software in any desktop computer.

  • OpenStreetMap because it plays a major role in having freely available maps outside major corporation control.

  • Software Freedom Conservancy because it’s a nice organization and the X.Org Foundation, for example, will be under its umbrella soon.

  • Pi-Hole because I have one installed in my home network and it’s a really nice piece of software.

  • Aegis Authenticator because it’s another one of those apps I use daily. Edit: I cannot get this payment through. Aegis uses Buy Me a Coffee, the payment goes through Stripe and all my cards are rejected. 🤷

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