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Very brief bio

My name is Ricardo García. I was born on December 1982 and currently make my living as a software engineer.


While I started coding long ago, since early 2008 I’ve been developing applications professionally for Unix platforms (mainly in C++, Ada and plain old C) with a strong bias for Linux.

In January 2019 I joined Igalia as part of its Graphics team. Igalia is a relatively small open source consultancy company doing great work on many areas across the stack. Chances are if you’re running Linux on your desktop or laptop, you’re using the produce of our work.

Briefly, from September 2018 to January 2019 I worked for RTI on their RTI Connext product line (specifically, its Ada binding).

For the previous 10 years, I was a leading and proud member of the Surveillance subsystem team working on SACTA, iTEC and other ATM-related projects for Indra in Gijón.

SACTA is a complete solution for air traffic management and has been deployed in most Spanish air traffic management dependencies. The job of the Surveillance subsystem is to acquire radar, multilateration, ADS-B and and ADS-C station data and perform all the needed radar tracking functions to form system tracks representing aircrafts, which can be displayed to air traffic controllers. This includes trajectory prediction and smoothing, and other interesting things doctors recommend avoiding.

The core of the product was written in Ada and C++, and I saw code in it with timestamps as early as 1984, when I was just 2 years old, which helped to put me in perspective.


Other personal interests of mine are free and open source software in general, Linux in particular, videogames, watching good TV shows, going to the movies with my wife, playing golf and fighting with crocodiles barehanded. Just kidding, I don’t actually play golf and my favorite reptiles are pythons.

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