Year-end donations round, 2022 edition

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As I’ve explained in the past, at the end of each calendar year I always like to make a small round of personal donations to projects and organizations that are important for my personal digital life.

This year I’ve chosen the following organizations or projects:

  • EFF for their excellent work on the defense of civil liberties and digital rights. As you can see, I always try to donate to them at the end of the year.

  • Signal because I use the messaging app daily and it’s an essential tool for me. Free to use and released under an open source license. It allows me to text, call and video call my family privately.

  • Internet Archive because the Wayback Machine and other subprojects of them are incredibly appealing for the preservation of digital history and resources.

  • Pi-hole because I have it installed on a RPi4 on my local network and it helps me keep unwanted content at bay for multiple devices, including the ones that have no built-in filters.

  • andOTP because I use it daily. Note the project has been archived this year and the author is recommending users to move to alternative projects like Aegis Authenticator. Still, I have not migrated yet and I’ve been using the app for multiple years, so I felt my duty was to donate.

  • RPM Fusion because I’ve been using their packages for several years and they’re great for saving a lot of time in my Fedora systems. I don’t need to spend much time compiling and packaging some pieces of software myself. Special mention to their NVIDIA driver packaging, their chromium-freeworld version of Chromium as well as several tools in my multimedia toolchain, like mpv and ffmpeg.

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