Upgrade to Fedora 29 and Red Hat acquisition

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I upgraded to Fedora 29 yesterday without any issues. The upgrade process was as flawless as the last few ones so I have to congratulate everyone involved once more for doing a superb job.

When I switched from Slackware to Fedora almost four years ago I mentioned it was probably as future-proof as Debian, the other option I had been considering. The recent acquisition of Red Hat by IBM has many people worried for several reasons, even if most people prefer to be prudent and wait to see how things turn out.

Fedora could be affected but, more importantly, Red Hat’s numerous contributions to a myriad of projects could be affected too. Kernel, GCC, glibc, Gnome, GTK, etc. It’s obvious if this operation doesn’t work it will have side effects on the whole Linux ecosystem, so it’s not a matter of just switching distributions.

In any case, if Fedora ceased to exist my next option would be Debian unstable. Almost four years ago I mentioned Debian testing, but I’ve been reading a bit on the difference between the two and I would probably prefer unstable now. My second option would be Ubuntu. It’s based on Debian unstable but it has a release schedule similar to the one Fedora has so it would be familiar to me at this point.

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