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Yesterday something funny happened at the end of the day. As I was checking if there were upgrades for my F-Droid packages, Twidere, the mobile Twitter client I use, was updated. The new and updated version (which is great!) needed some configuring. As part of that I added a tab to the application containing all the tweets that mentioned me. This is equivalent to the unintuitive Connect > Mentions section from the web interface. When I checked that and to my surprise, I found a few tweets there I didn’t know about at all!

It seems my mail notification settings were, unknowingly to me, filtering those tweets as I had selected “Tailored for me” in most mail options, instead of receiving notifications due to tweets “By anyone”. I’ve changed those settings so as not to miss anything in the future, and intend to catch up with every message now. My apologies to those who don’t get a reply and those who may get a double reply. :-)

@RognoniTime asked for the Twitter account of Filippo Valsorda not long ago, one of the current youtube-dl maintainers. Very late reply for that, but it’s @FiloSottile and thanks for making me look this up. I’ve started following him too.

@vrraghy, @bendiken, @fmasanori, @turicas and @itorres thanked me for youtube-dl or mentioned it. Thanks a lot for your kind words but don’t forget to thank the current maintainers, who are doing a superb job at keeping the project working and alive.

A big thanks to all the project collaborators too.

@mt3_777, @meadhikari and @shatadal asked questions about youtube-dl. I’m probably late and I’m not the maintainer anymore so the best bet is asking the current maintainers or opening an issue in the issue tracker if something seems to be wrong with the latest version.

@jordiv was glad I was blogging again. I’ll keep writing. If not anything else, at least it’s a good therapy!

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