Book Review: World War Z

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During my recent trip to London, I brought a paper copy of World War Z with me. I more or less devoured it during those days.

I really enjoyed the book so I wanted to write a short review to recommend it to everyone. It’s focused on how humanity would react facing a zombie apocalypse and the consequences of it. It doesn’t explore or attempts to explain the medical and biological aspect of how zombies would exist. Instead, the evolution of society in such a world has the focus and the book paints a realistic possible outcome of the events in chronological order, with special attention to the political, infrastructure and geography-related aspects, among others.

This may sound a bit boring when explained that way, but the book is written as the testimony of a few survivors sharing their experiences and their role in that post-apocalyptic world with the author, in a style that reminded me of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which is written as diary entries from the main characters, and hooked me from page one. Again, highly recommended.

I haven’t watched the movie yet, but none of what I saw in the trailer has much to do with what I read in the book, so I guess The Oatmeal’s comic on it is pretty accurate. :-)

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