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In yesterday’s status update I forgot to mention I had also released version v44 of slackroll, my Slackware package manager. Apart from adding a minor new feature, the release was an opportunity to relicense the code under CC0.

CC0 is a legal code by Creative Commons that can be applied to any work you want to release to the public domain, like slackroll. The motivation was a few discussions about CC0 vs Unlicense I had been reading the last couple of days:

The GNU Project recommends CC0 for public domain works in their license list page. The CC0 FAQ has instructions on How to apply CC0 to computer software.

Note youtube-dl also suffered a similar small license change about six months ago and went with Unlicense instead. I didn’t have a strong preference back then for CC0 and don’t really have it now, so I won’t push for a new license change at all.

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