Movie Review: Amour

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This Monday I went to the movies to watch Amour. The film is nominated for "Best Picture" in the upcoming 85th Academy Awards and I think it’s a real masterpiece.

I haven’t watched every nominated film this year, but so far Amour is much ahead of everything I’ve watched in 2012 and 2013. The previous year, 2011, I had a clear favorite in Drive, which was not even nominated for best film and was a mere candidate for Best Sound Editing. This year I’m glad to see Amour receiving more attention from the academy.

Amour is not an easy film to watch. It tells a very sad and realistic story about illness and a particularly hard moment in the lives of an elderly couple. It is, however, a story anyone could feel close to, because it portrays the problems and human condition of thousands of people that face a similar situation everyday. I felt close to the story as it reminded me of one of my grandparents, who my grandmother had to take care of during the months prior to his passing.

The impeccable performances of Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant, together with its almost total lack of music and the way the scenes are framed inside the couple’s apartment will provide a unique, wonderful and unforgettable experience you shouldn’t let go.

Totally recommended.

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