Github removing "Downloads" section from projects

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Github is removing the "Downloads" section from projects and disabling new file uploads. Their approach is to encourage the distribution of source code archives in ZIP format and repository clones.

No doubt many projects will perceive this as a step back. For example, I used this download section in slackroll to upload ready-to-used packaged versions of the program to Slackware users, so I was forced to update a few things and change the program documentation today. For the first time in a few years, SourceForge provides more convenience than Github for some clear use cases.

Thanks to Filippo Valsorda and Philipp Hagemeister (current youtube-dl maintainers) for mentioning this information in the project issue tracker.

Update: as gcmalloc posted on the youtube-dl issue tracker, Bitbucket supports git too and still has a downloads section for each project.

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