Should I get a Google Nexus 4?

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I’m open to suggestions and replies. I currently own a Nokia 2700 classic phone and never owned a smartphone.

I spend most of the time of the week either working or at home, and in both places I have access to the Internet through the work laptop or my desktop computer. So I’ve never felt the need to get a smartphone even though every now and then in very specific situations I wished I could go online to check a few things.

Also, I don’t have a very strong connection with Google services, given that my mail is handled by FastMail and the services I do use from Google, I use them anonymously (Google Search and Google Maps, mostly). Privacy is a concern and I wouldn’t be using Facebook and probably not Twitter either.

But given the price and hardware in the Nexus 4, I’m seriously considering buying it. I could use it for web surfing, checking non-Google mail, taking decent pictures even when I haven’t got my camera with me, and some other uses that I’d discover.

The question is then open: should I get a Google Nexus 4?

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